Who Needs the Moon

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Pay what you want for the complete series of Who Needs the Moon, the Indie horror comic series by Todd McCullough that is getting rave reviews.

Suggested for Mature Readers 17+


Thanks to the team at Gumroad you can now read it directly in the browser on all devices. No need to download it. I may need to tweak the file size to make it work better with this new feature.


It is best to read it on a tablet using CloudReaders for iOS and Aldiko for Android. Let me know if you have problems.


The townspeople of Kingford are unaware of the growing vampire problem that is soon to ruin them and their home.

Fortunately for them, there is a newcomer that has plans to stop the monsters. And since being a werewolf, he's got the muscle to do something about it.

Maybe too much muscle.


Werewolf News - "The third and latest issue of Todd A McCullough’s ongoing graphic novel Who Needs The Moon? elevates the series to the status of “best werewolf comic I’ve ever read”, and earns the series a place on my list of top five comics of all time.

Laptopzombie.co.uk - "A violent, slow-burning supernatural mystery with an emphasis on character, it’s for fans of idiosyncratic, personal fiction. It’s also one of the best (and best value) indie horror comics of the last decade."

filmdispenser.com Loose Staples - "I heaped a good deal of praise on Todd McCullough’s first issue of Who Needs the Moon?, and deservedly so, I think... Two issues in and this is fast becoming my new favorite book"

Decapitated Dan - "You are really doing yourself a disservice by not reading Who Need the Moon. - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0"

Pipedream Comics - "A remarkable read and one of the most horrific horror books we have read this year."

I want this!


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Who Needs the Moon

2 ratings
I want this!